Article based on Windows 10/11, including improving device performance, hardening device security, adding and managing accounts, and more.

Use HDR JXR files as background in Windows 11

How to Use HDR (JXR) Background Wallpapers in Windows 11

Start voice access before you sign in the PC

How to Turn Start Voice Access Before You Sign in On or Off in Windows 11

Windows 11 match my windows accent color for Dynamic Lighting devices

How to Turn “Match my Windows Accent Color” On or Off with Dynamic Lighting in Windows 11

Windows 11 automatically upadate Microsoft Store apps

How to Turn On or Off Update Microsoft Store Apps Automatically in Windows 11

Let Copilot use content from Microsoft Edge

How to Enable or Disable Copilot Using Content from Microsoft Edge in Windows 11

Show or hide user list on sign in screen in Windows 11

How to Show or Hide Users on the Sign-in Screen in Windows 11

Windows 11 show or hide os version and build on desktop

How to Show or Hide OS Edition and Build Watermark on Desktop in Windows 11

Windows 11 manually start or stop automatic maintenance

How to Start or Stop Automatic Maintenance Ondemand in Windows 11

Change Windows 11 automatic maintenance tasks background

How to Change the Automatic Maintenance Schedules in Windows 11

List all automatic maintenance tasks in Windows 11

How to List All Automatic Maintenance Tasks in Windows 11

Windows 11 use powershell to map network drives

How to Use PowerShell to Map or Unmap Network Drive in Windows 11