About Us

geek rewind started in August of 2016 as websiteforstudents.com. We rebranded in July of 2022 as geek rewind.  We have written numeral tutorials on Windows, WordPress, blogging and website optimization (SEO).

We’ve dedicated thousands of hours of research and great amount of time of writing to help students and new users who want to learn how to use and manage their Windows, Linux, and other platforms, including setting up websites and more.

We run Google AdSense ads on this site to help us pay the bills, since web hosting isn’t free.

If you see the need to help, please don’t hesitate to assist. We need all the assistance available to improve and grow this blog.  Our main goal has always been to help new users learn Linux, Windows and other technologies. We’ve been doing that and will continue to do so.

If you like what we’re doing here and want to be part of it, please don’t hesitate; come and join us and have fun doing it.

Also please support us and keep the site going.

Thank you for your support.

Contact us at:  hello@geekrewind.com