How to Create a Desktop Icon for Copilot in Windows 11



The article details how to create a desktop shortcut for Copilot in Windows 11, a feature introduced in Microsoft’s build 23493 that allows users to interact with Bing Chat AI across multiple applications. Through a process involving creating a new shortcut, pasting a specific line of code, and customizing the icon, users can easily access…

This article explains creating a desktop shortcut icon for Copilot in Windows 11.

Starting with Windows 11 build 23493, Microsoft rolled out the new Copilot experience that works with Bing Chat AI, allowing users to interact with the chatbot using natural language to change system settings and work across multiple applications.

For computers that have Copilot added, a new Copilot button will appear on the Taskbar. It will appear as a flyout interface when you press the button or use the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + C).

When Copilot is available on your device, you can pin or unpin the side paneopen Copilot when Windows startsTurn Copilot on or offenable or disable Copilot using content from Edgerefresh Copilot promptsresize the Copilot side panedelete recent activity, turn plugins for Copilot on or off, and more.

To launch Copilot, you must click the icon on the Taskbar. If you want a desktop icon, you must create one. There’s no icon for Copilot on the desktop by default.

Creating a desktop shortcut icon for Copilot in Windows 11 allows you to access the Copilot feature quickly and easily directly from your desktop. Rather than navigating through menus or searching for the feature, you can simply click on the desktop icon and launch Copilot.

Create a desktop shortcut for Copilot

As mentioned above, users can create a shortcut for Copilot on their desktop for quick and easy access.

Here’s how to do it.

First, right-click on an empty area on your desktop and select New -> Shortcut.

Learn more about creating a desktop shortcut here.

Windows 11 new desktop shortcut

Next, copy and paste the line below and paste it into the location box.

Windows 11 new desktop shortcut location

Click Next to continue. Then, type a name for the shortcut. (ex. Copilot).

Windows 11 new desktop shortcut name

Click the Finish button when done. A new icon with the name you created above will appear on your desktop.

If you want to use the original Copilot’s icon, right-click on the newly created icon and select Properties.

On the Properties window, under the Web Document tab, select the Change Icon… button.

Copilot icon on desktop change

Next, download the icon from the link below. Then, use an online tool to convert the image to an ICO format. If you find an ICO format you can use, use it.

Using File Explorer, select the icon you download to use.

Copilot icon on desktop display

That should do it!


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