How to Resize the Copilot Side Pane on the Desktop in Windows 11

Windows copilot resize pane

The article provides a guide on how to resize the Copilot side pane in Windows 11. With the new update in Windows 11 build 23493, users can customize the Copilot side pane size for a more comfortable reading and interacting experience. Steps include hovering the mouse pointer to the pane’s left border until the pointer resembles a double arrow cursor, then dragging it to the desired size.

This article explains how to resize the Copilot side pane on the desktop in Windows 11.

Starting with Windows 11 build 23493, Microsoft rolled out the new Copilot experience that works with Bing Chat AI, allowing users to interact with the chatbot using natural language to change system settings and work across multiple applications.

For computers that have Copilot added, a new Copilot button will appear on the Taskbar. It will appear as a flyout interface when you press the button or use the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + C).

When Copilot is available on your device, you can pin or unpin the side paneopen Copilot when Windows startsTurn Copilot on or offenable or disable Copilot using content from Edge, refresh Copilot prompts, and more.

The recent updates to Copilot let you resize the width of the side pane on the desktop.

Resizing the Copilot side pane on the desktop in Windows 11 can help you customize the interface to your liking. Depending on your screen size and personal preferences, you may find the default size too small or too large. By resizing the side pane, you can make reading and interacting with Copilot more comfortable, making your overall Windows 11 experience more enjoyable.

Resize the Copilot side pane

As mentioned above, you can now resize the Copilot side pane to make reading and interacting with Copilot more comfortable.

Here’s how to do it.

First, open the Windows Copilot or press the keyboard shortcut (Win+C).

When the Copilot side pane opens, hover your mouse pointer on the left border of the side pane until the pointer turns into a double arrow cursor and you see the three dots.

resisze Copilot side pane

Then select and drag to the desired size as you wish.

That should do it!


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