How to get Insider Preview in Windows 11

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This tutorial shows students and new users how to get Windows 11 Insider Preview version installed on their Windows computers.

Microsoft has finally released the first build of Windows 11 to members of the Windows Insider program. If your PC meets the requirements, you can join the program and get Windows 11 installed today.

The first thing to remember is that Windows 11 is an early version and might not fully be tested and may contain bugs and other inconsistencies. This program is for developers or folks who want to test features before they’re fully released to the general public.

Windows 11 is a major release of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10 and it’s expected to be released later this year.

To get started with installing Windows 11 Insider Program version, follow the steps below:

Windows 11 Requirements

Before registering for the Insider program you might want to make sure your PC has met Windows 11 requirements. Microsoft has released a nifty tool to help you.

Download the new Windows 11 PC Health Check tool below.

Run it and confirm that your PC is ready for Windows 11.

Register for the Insider Program

Now that your PC is Windows 11 certified, join the Windows Insider program by visiting the link below. The program is complete and helps Microsoft use a vast user base to test its software.

Update Windows 10

Now that you have joined and confirm your account, log on to your Windows 10 machine and register the PC to join the program.

In Windows 10, log on and click Start open Settings as shown in the image below.

In the Settings, pane click “Update & Security” as shown in the image below.

Next, select “Windows Insider Program” in the sidebar.

Click Get started and link the account you registered with above.

Next, choose the Dev Channel settings for your account.

After that, go back to Windows Update and search for the new Update.

Your PC will begin downloading Windows 11.

Wait for the updates the complete. Then restart to start testing Windows 11.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to register and join the Windows Insider program. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.

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