Changing the Layout View of Folders in File Explorer on Windows 11



This article guides users on changing the File Explorer folder layout view in Windows 11. File Explorer provides different view options for browsing files. Users can alter these layouts using the mouse scroll wheel, keyboard shortcuts, or the Command bar. Individual folders remember the last set layout view even after closure.

This article explains how to change the File Explore folder layout view in Windows 11.

File Explorer, alternatively referred to as Windows Explorer or Explorer, is a file and folder browser found in every version of Windows. It is used to browse your PC hard drives (internal or external), folders, and files.

File Explorer support multiple views. Users can easily change the layouts and folder view using their mouse or with keyboard shortcuts. You can select folder layout views such as extra large icons, large icons, medium icons, small icons, lists, details, tiles, or content.

Each folder will remember the last layout view set after it is closed.

Change the File Explorer folder layout view

As mentioned above, File Explorer has multiple layout views one can use to display content.

Here are some ways to change the File Explorer folder layout views, including scroll wheels, keyboard shortcuts, and the Command bar.

Use scroll wheel

To use your mouse scroll wheel, first, open File Explorer.

Then press and hold the CTRL key while rolling the scroll wheel up or down to cycle through the layout views, and release the CTRL key when done.

Windows 11 background folder layout view

Keyboard shortcuts

Another way to change or switch between different File Explorer folder layout views is by using keyboard shortcuts.

To do that, first, open File Explorer.

Then use the keyboard shortcuts below to change the layout view.

  • Extra large icons
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 1
  • Large icons
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 2
  • Medium icons
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 3
  • Small icons
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 4
  • List
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 5
  • Details
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 6
  • Tiles
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 7
  • Content
    • CTRL + SHIFT + 8

Using the Command bar

Finally, users can use the command bar to change the folder layout view.

To use the command bar, first open File Explorer.

Then click on View on the command bar. Next, select these different layout views: Extra large iconsLarge iconsMedium iconsSmall iconsListDetailsTiles, or Content you want to display.

Windows 11 folder layout view

Additionally, users can right-click on a blank area in File Explorer and select View on the context menu. Then choose a folder layout view from the list they want to display.

Other ways to display or change the File Explorer folder layout view might exist that are not listed above. Howerver, these steps should get you started.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to change the File Explorer folder layout view in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comments form below.

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