How to Add or Remove Quick Settings Buttons on Windows 11

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This article explains the steps you can take to add or remove the Quick settings buttons on the panel window in Windows 11.

The Quick Settings panel (battery, network, or volume icon) at the bottom right corner of the Taskbar gives you quick access to settings and features, including Volume, Screen brightness, Night light, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Accessibility, Battery saver, Mobile hotspot, Nearby sharing, Cast, and Project.

Without navigating the Settings app, you can control devices and other settings directly from the Quick Settings flyout panel.

By default, not all buttons are displayed on the panel. If the flyout window is missing specific buttons, you can add them or remove buttons you don’t use.

Add or remove quick settings flyout buttons.

As described above, not all Quick Settings buttons are displayed in Windows by default. If the flyout panel is missing specific buttons, you can add them or remove buttons you don’t use.

Here’s how to do it.

A typical Quick Settings flyout window should look similar to the image below.

windows quick settings fly out buttons
windows quick settings flyout buttons

To add or remove individual buttons, use the steps below:

First, open the Quick Settings flyout or press the (Windows key + A) keyboard shortcut.

When Quick Settings opens, Click on the Edit quick settings (pencil) button. 

windows quick settings edit button
windows quick settings edit button

Next, click the Add button and select the additional actions button you want to include on the Quick Settings flyout window.

windows add quick settings button on window updated
windows added quick settings button on the window, updated

To remove the individual Quick Settings button, click the Unpin button on the settings you want to remove.

You can also rearrange buttons on the panel. To do that, press and hold (or select) any quick settings buttons, then drag them.

When you are done, click the Done button to save your changes.

windows remove quick settings buttons
windows remove quick settings buttons

That should do it!

After editing the Quick Settings flyout, you can disable further editing to prevent changing settings.


This post showed you how to add or remove buttons from the Quick Settings flyout window in Windows 11. Please use the comment form below if you find any errors above or have something to add.

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