How to Show or Hide the Shut Down Option in Windows 11



The article provides a guide on how to hide or unhide the shut down option on the start/power menu in Windows 11. Users can follow the steps given to amend the Windows Registry settings to conceal or reveal this option. The changes help manage power use and prevent unauthorized shutdowns.

This article explains how to hide or unhide shutdown on the start/power menu in Windows 11.

The shutdown on the start/power menu will close all applications and turn off the computer when activated. You click shut down to turn off the PC when all work is saved, and you are done using the PC.

You also save energy when your PC isn’t powered on.

The shutdown button is added to the Windows start/power menu by default so users can use it. Sometimes, you may not want users shutting down the PC. Windows lets’ you hide or remove the shutdown option from the menu.

Learning how to show or hide the shutdown option on the start/power menu in Windows 11 can be useful for a few reasons. For example, if you share your computer with others, you may want to prevent them from shutting down the computer accidentally or intentionally.

On the other hand, if you are the only computer user and want to save time and energy, you may want to remove the shutdown option altogether. Additionally, knowing how to customize the start/power menu can help you improve your overall Windows 11 experience by making it more personalized and efficient.

Add or remove the shutdown option on the start menu

As mentioned, Windows lets you hide or unhide the shutdown option on the start/power menu.

Enabling this policy hides “Shut down/Update and shut down” from appearing in the power button in the start menu.

Here’s how to do that.

To do that, open the Windows Registry editor, and navigate to the folder key below.


If you don’t see the HideShutDown folder key, right-click on the Start parent key, then create the subkey (HideShutDown) folder.

Microsoft Edge shows or hide the sidebar via the registry

Right-click the HideShutDown folder key’s right pane and select New -> String Value. Type a new item named value.

Double-click the new item you created (value) and update the Value data:

  • To unhide shut down, type 0.
  • To hide shut down, type 1.
Windows Virtual Search turns the registry on or off

That should do it. Restart your computer for the changes to apply.

That should do it!



This post showed you how to hide or unhide shutdown on the start/power menu in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comments form below.

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