How to Enable Hidden Education Themes in Windows 11



The article outlines the process to enable hidden education themes in Windows 11, which are typically available only on school computers. Using the Windows Registry, users can create a new subkey under the device parent key labeled ‘Education’ and make the necessary changes. After restarting the device, these themes will become viewable in the Personalization…

This article describes steps to enable hidden education desktop themes on Windows 11.

Windows has predefined desktop themes combining desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds.

Themes can also be installed from the Microsoft Store. You can change the theme anytime, and when you do, it will automatically refresh the desktop with a preset accent color, background, and other settings.

Windows also has some desktop themes that are not available on all devices. These are hidden and only available on devices used by students on school computers.

If you want to use these themes on your Windows device, the steps below show you how.

Enable education themes for students in Windows 11 22H2

As described above, Windows has some desktop themes hidden on devices not used by students or for educational purposes.

These themes are hidden but can be enabled by editing the Windows registry.

Here’s how to do that.

Open the Windows Registry and navigate to the folder key path listed below.


If you don’t see the Education folder key, right-click on the device parent key, then create the subkey (Education) folder.

windows enable education themes
Windows enables education themes.

On the right pane of the Education folder key, right-click and select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value. Next, type a new key named EnableEduThemes.

Double-click the new value name (EnableEduThemes) and enter the Value data of 1 to enable additional educational themes for students.

Value data of 0 or simply deleting the value name will remove the education themes from Windows.

windows enable education themes value data
Windows enable education themes to value data.

That should do it! Restart your computer to apply your changes.

Once enabled, go to the Start menu and select Settings. When the Settings app opens, click the Personalization button, and select the Themes tile to expand.

You should see additional education themes available on the Personalization -> Themes settings pane.

windows enable education themes change
Windows enable education themes to change.

If you don’t see the education themes, you may have installed the latest version (22H2) of Windows 11.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to enable education themes in Windows 11. Please use the comment form below if you find any errors above or have something to add.

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