How to Delete PC Backups from Dropbox in Windows 11

Delete backup from Dropbox on Windows 11

The article provides a guide for deleting PC backups from Dropbox on Windows 11. Dropbox is a cloud storage service with various file management features. The article explores reasons for deleting backups – including freeing storage space or in an instance of a compromised account. It then supplies a step-by-step process on how to delete backups from Dropbox without affecting the files and folders on the PC.

This article explains how to delete or remove PC backups from Dropbox in Windows 11.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service allowing users to store and share files and folders online. It offers features such as file syncing, file versioning, and collaboration tools, making it easier for teams to collaborate on projects.

One can configure many settings with the Dropbox app in Windows, including starting Dropbox on system startupdisabling Dropbox startup in the backgroundadding Microsoft Office add-inturning notifications on or offmanaging backups, turning automatic backups on or offrenaming backup device namechanging backup frequencychoosing back up foldersmoving backup folder location, enabling camera upload for photos and videos, and more.

When you want to stop backing up a PC, you can use the Delete backup feature to delete and remove a PC from Dropbox. When you delete a PC, files, and folders will remain on the PC, but all cloud backups for the PC will be deleted and removed.

You may want to delete a backup from Dropbox for several reasons. For instance, if a computer is no longer in use, it’s unnecessary to continue backing up its files and folders. If you have limited storage space on Dropbox, you could remove backups of devices you no longer used to free up space.

Finally, if your Dropbox account has been compromised, you may want to delete all backups associated with the compromised device to prevent unauthorized access to their files and folders.

Delete PC from Dropbox backups

As mentioned above, you may want to delete a PC from Dropbox backup for several reasons, including removing a computer you no longer used to free up space and deleting all files and folders if your Dropbox account has been compromised.

Here’s how to delete Dropbox backup on a PC.

First, open the Dropbox flyout window from the notification area. You can do that by clicking the Taskbar overflow and selecting Dropbox to open its flyout window.

Windows 11 turn on start Dropbox on system startup

When the flyout opens, select the Settings (gear) at the top of the screen and click Preferences.

Windows 11 turn on start Dropbox on system startup

On the Preferences page, select the Backups tab. Under “This PC,” click the Manage backups button.

Manage backups in Dropbox on Windows 11

If you have already set up Dropbox, click My PC (DeviceName) under the Sync and backups tab on the flyout window.

Rename device in the Dropbox app on Windows 11

This will open the Dropbox settings page.

Under Manage backups, select the “Delete your My PC (PCName) backup” tile on the Dropbox Backup page.

Then click the Delete backup button.

Delete backup from Dropbox on Windows 11

On the pop-up window, click the Confirm button to start deleting your files and folders from Dropbox.

This might take a while, but files and folders on your computer will remain.

Delete backup from Dropbox on Windows 11

That should do it!


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