How to Shutdown PC in Ubuntu Linux

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The post elaborates various ways to shut down a Ubuntu Linux PC. Options include using the power button, engaging the system menu, or via the command line. However, caution is advised when shutting down with the power button as ongoing processes may not be saved. The shutdown method should be chosen based on the user’s preferences and situational needs.

This post describes how to turn off or shut down a Ubuntu Linux PC.

There are multiple ways to shut down a PC with Ubuntu Linux, and all of them work well. Some work well in certain situations, but they all accomplish the same goal: to shut down or stop Ubuntu Linux.

For example, if your Ubuntu Linux PC is stuck and not responding to keyboard or mouse commands, simply pressing the power button to shut down won’t hurt in many cases. Other times, when in a rush, pushing the power button once will either put the PC to sleep or begin an automatic shutdown process.

This behavior can be changed in the Settings app in Ubuntu Linux.

So, whatever method you use to shut down Ubuntu Linux, you’ll want to pick a shutdown method that works best for you. Oh, unless, in extreme cases, shutting down your PC using the power button is not recommended.

When you shut down using the power button and have files and processes running, your work and sessions will not be saved, and you might lose all your work.

How to turn off the PC in Ubuntu Linux from the system menu

The system menu is the standard and common way to shut down or turn off Ubuntu Linux. The system menu is in the top-right corner of the top bar.

To shut down in Ubuntu Linux, click the top-right of the system menu, then select the Power Off / Log Out on the context menu to expand.

Select the Power Off command as highlighted below on the expanded system menu context menu for Power Off / Log Out.

Next, click the Power Off button to shut off your Ubuntu Linux PC.

Shutdown Ubuntu Linux from the command line

If you prefer to use the Ubuntu Linux command line, open it by pressing the CTRL + ALT + T on your keyboard and run the commands below to shut down your PC.

sudo shutdown now

If you want to schedule a shutdown at a specific time, use the 24-hour time format and specify the time with the shutdown command.

example: shutdown at 5:00 PM

sudo shutdown 17:00 

You can also specify the wait time before shutting down. For example, to shut down in 15 minutes, use the command options below:

sudo shutdown +15

Shutdown Ubuntu Linux using the PC Power button

If all the shutdown methods above fail, hold the power button for up to 20 seconds to shut down your PC. If that also fails, pull the power plug from the wall (LOL).

Hopefully, these shutdown methods help you get your computer turned off.


This post showed you how to shut down Ubuntu Linux PC. If you find any error above or have something to share, please use the comment form below to report.

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