How to Clear Edge Browser Data on Close

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to clear Microsoft Edge Browser data every time you close it. Clearing your browser’s data from time to time is a good practice. It boosts performance and may help resolve some issues.

If you’re using a shared computer where everyone is logging in use the same username and password, then clearing your browser data and history every time you close it should definitely be done.

Most browsers will allow you do automatically clear browsing data on close, including Microsoft Edge. Edge also allows you to use you keyboard to clear your browsing data.

Simply press the key below to clear your browser data when using Microsoft Edge.

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

These data sets are automatically cleaned when you run the keys above.

Edge data sets to clear

  • browsing history
  • download history
  • cookies and other site data
  • cached images and files
  • passwords
  • autofill form data
  • site permissions

When you want to set it and forget it so you don’t have to remember to clear your browser’s data everytime, follow the steps below:

First, go to Edge settings on the menu. (three dots to the top right coner)

edge default search 2

Then scroll down to Settings

edge default search 3

One the Setting page, go to the Privacy, Search, and Services section from the sidebar. Below, you will also see Clear Browsing Data section, click the Choose What To Clear Every Time You Close The Browser option.

This will bring you to other setting options where you can turn on specific data to clear everytime you close Microsoft Edge browser.

clear edge on close

Switch all on On or enable and exit.

That’s it! You have just configured Edge to delete all your browser’s data, including history everytime it is closed.


This post showed you how to setup Microsoft Edge browser to automatically delete browser’s data on close. if you find any error above, please use the form below to report.

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