How to Export your Favorites to HTML file in Microsoft Edge

export favorites in Microsoft Edge

The article details how to export “Favorites” to an HTML file in the Microsoft Edge browser, a feature that allows users to save and organize frequently visited websites. This method aids in easily transferring the saved websites to a new device, which works as a backup in case the saved websites are lost or need to be shared. The process involves accessing the “Favorites” pane and selecting “Export favorites,” which can later be imported onto another device.

This article explains how to export your “Favorites” to an HTML file in the Microsoft Edge browser.

The Microsoft Edge browser is the default browser in Windows 11. However, users can switch to their preferred or favorite browser anytime. Edge is based on Chromium, similar to Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers today.

In Microsoft Edge, “Favorites” is a feature that allows users to save and organize their frequently visited websites for quick and easy access. Users can add a website to their Favorites list by clicking the star icon in the browser’s address bar.

The Microsoft Edge browser lets you export and import your “Favorites” to an HTML file that can be imported onto other devices.

Exporting your “Favorites” in Microsoft Edge can be useful in several ways. For instance, if you are switching to a new computer or device, you can easily transfer your saved websites by exporting them to an HTML file.

This way, you don’t have to add each website to your new device manually. Additionally, exporting your “Favorites” can be a backup in case you accidentally lose or delete your saved websites. Finally, exporting your “Favorites” can also be helpful if you want to share your frequently visited websites with someone else.

Export your “Favorites” to an HTML file in Edge

As mentioned above, users can export and import their browser Favorites in the Microsoft Edge browser to backup if they accidentally lose or delete their saved websites.

Here’s how to do it.

First, open the Microsoft Edge browser.

Then click on Setting and more (Alt+F) three dots () in the upper right-hand corner to access the Settings menu.

Or, press the CTRL + SHIFT + O keys to open your Favorites.

Open Microsoft Edge Favorites

On the Favorites pane, click the ‘More option‘ (three-dots) button and select ‘Export favorites.’

Open Microsoft Edge Favorites options

Click the ‘Export favorites‘ command on the context menu.

Open Microsoft Edge Favorites export

When you click ‘Export favorites‘ it will launch the File ExplorerSave As‘ window. Choose a location to save the file, preferably on your ‘Desktop.’

Open Microsoft Edge Favorites export save

The file should appear at your selected location once you click the ‘Save‘ button.

Import Favorites in Microsoft Edge

After exporting the file, copy it to another computer using a USB thumb drive or other means. On the computer you want to import your ‘Favorites,’ open Microsoft Edge using the steps above.

Then, select the ‘Import favorites‘ command on the “Favorites” pane. Browse for the file on the USB drive or the computer and import.

Open Microsoft Edge Favorites import

That should do it.


This post showed you how to export your ‘Favorites’ in the Microsoft Edge browser. Please use the comments form below if you find errors or have something to add.

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