How to Change Computer Name in Windows 11

This post shows students and new users how to rename Windows 11 computers and give is a more personal and unique name.

Changing one’s computer name has been made very simple in Windows 11. The option to rename Windows 11 has been added to the main settings in the System tab.

If you bought a Windows computer and you want to rename it and make it personal, the steps below should help you do that. There are multiple ways to do this in Windows and we’re going show you as many possible ways to do it.

For students or new users looking for a Windows computer to use, the easiest place to start is Windows 11. Windows 11 is a major release of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10 and it’s expected to be released later this year.

To get started changing Windows 11 computer name, follow the steps below:

Rename the computer from System Settings

As we mentioned above, there are multiple ways to rename your Windows computer. One is from the System’s settings page.

To get there, click Start and select Settings as shown below:

In the System tab, click Rename as shown in the image below.

Type in a name you want to use for the computer. You can use a combination of letters, hyphens, and numbers for the computer name.

Click Next to apply your change. Restart to make change happen.

Change PC Name from System Properties

Another way to change and rename Windows computers is via System Properties. You can get there by typing the Windows key + R and typing the commands below:


When you press Enter, the System Properties dialog box will appear.

On this dialog window, you can change your computer and perform other tasks, such as enabling a remote connection to your computer, creating a restore point for your computer, and others tasks.

To change your computer name, click the Change button as shown below.

Doing that will bring up yet another dialog box where you will type in the new computer name you want to use.

Simply type in the name in the Computer name field and select OK. This will save the changes but prompt you to restart the computer for the changes to apply.

After you restart your computer, your computer will be referenced by the name new, and this is how one changes a Windows PC name.

Change Computer Name from Command Prompt

Yet, another way to rename Windows 11 computers is from the command prompt. Simply use Windows search and type Command Prompt.

Then right-click the Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.

On the Command Prompt console, type the commands below to rename your computer.

wmic computersystem where name="Old_Name" call rename name="New_Name"

Replace Old_Name with the current computer name and replace New_Name with the new name you want to use.

A successful name change will display the output as shown below:

Executing (\\ALLWORKPC\ROOT\CIMV2:Win32_ComputerSystem.Name="ALLWORKPC")->rename()
Method execution successful.
Out Parameters:
instance of __PARAMETERS
        ReturnValue = 0;

Restart your computer and it should boot up with the name you provided.

Rename PC via PowerShell

Another way to rename Windows 11 computers is via PowerShell. Use the search feature and search for PowerShell. Then right-click PowerShell and select Run as administrator.

When PowerShell opens, run the commands below to rename your computer.

Rename-Computer -NewName "AllWorkPC"

Replace AllWorkPC with the new name you want to use for your computer. Then restart to apply the name change.

There might be other ways to rename Windows computers, but the few methods above should come in handy for students and new users.


This post showed you how to rename Windows 11 computers. If you find any errors above, please use the comments form below to report.