Enabling or Disabling Outlook Notifications in Windows 11



The article provides a guide on how to enable or disable in-app and desktop notifications in the new Windows 11 Outlook app. It explains the benefits, such as alerting users to new emails and reminders, increasing productivity, and helping users manage their tasks. The process involves accessing the Settings in the Outlook app and toggling…

This article explains how to turn in-app or desktop notifications On or Off in the new Outlook app in Windows 11.

The new Outlook for Windows brings the latest features and a modern and simplified design with support for Exchange-backed Microsoft 365 work or school, Outlook.com, Hotmail, and Gmail accounts.

The app has many features, including support for email signaturesexternal email accounts, and setting out-of-office automatic replies.

Outlook is also integrated with Windows notifications. Windows notifications are alerts from apps, settings, and other senders in the notification center.

Users can turn on or off in-app notifications that will play sound when a new message arrives or desktop notifications that will display a popup for new messages in their inbox.

Users can turn notifications on or off in Outlook for various reasons. Some users may want to turn off notifications to avoid distractions and increase productivity, while others may prefer to keep them on to stay on top of their emails and tasks.

By turning on in-app notifications, users can receive an audible alert when a new message or reminder arrives. By turning on desktop notifications, users can receive a popup window when a new message is received, even if they are working on another application.

Enable or disable Outlook app notifications.

As mentioned above, users can turn notifications on or off for the new Outlook app in Windows 11.

Two types of notification settings are available in the app.

In-app notifications that play sound when a new message or reminder is received.

Desktop notification displays a popup window when a new message is received at the notification center.

Here’s how to turn on or off notifications in the app.

First, open the new Outlook app on Windows 11.

You can do that by clicking Start -> All app -> Outlook app. Or use the Start menu search box to search for Outlook and open it.

Open the new Outlook app in Windows 11

When the app opens, click the Settings button (gear on the top right) to proceed.

Add Gmail to Outlook app in Windows 11

On the Settings page, click the General tab on the left sidebar and select Notifications.

Next, select the email account you want to apply notification replies settings if you have multiple accounts in Outlook.

Then check the box next to the notifications features you want to turn on.

To disable or turn off notifications, uncheck the box.

  • In-app notifications:
    • Play sound when a message arrives.
    • Play sound when I receive a reminder.
  • Desktop notifications:
  • Toggle the “Send me desktop notifications” button to On to receive desktop notifications. To disable notifications, toggle the button to the Off position.
  • If the desktop notifications are turned on, further settings below can be configured as desired.
    • For messages:
      • Messages in Inbox
      • Messages from favorite people
    • For events:
      • Desktop notification
      • Reminder popup
Outlook notifications settings

Save your changes and exit.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to turn Outlook notifications on or off in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comments form below.

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