How to Set Up High Dynamic Range (JXR) Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 11



The latest Windows Build 25921 allows users to set HDR (JXR) image files as their desktop background. This feature enhances the display of desktop backgrounds on device screens with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities. To apply JXR files as a desktop background, you’d need to ensure your device supports or is connected to an HDR…

This article explains setting your desktop background wallpaper using HDR (JXR) images in Windows 11.

The most recent Windows Build 25921 allows users to set JXR files to be their desktop background, and if they have an HDR display, they will render in full HDR. With this feature, devices with HDR displays can use JXR files to display their desktop backgrounds.

To use JXR files as desktop background in Windows, your device must have an HDR display or be connected to an HDR display that supports HDR.

Check to see if your device supports HDR. Then enable it by going to Settings > System > Display and checking the HDR toggle.

The same way one sets a desktop background in Windows is the same with JXR image files. Check this post to learn how to set your desktop backgrounds in Windows.

Use HDR JXR files as desktop background

As mentioned above, Windows lets users use HDR JXR files as desktop backgrounds. First, ensure that your device supports HDR or is connected to a display with HDR support.

Then download an HDR .JXR file to your device. Next, right-click on your desktop, and select “Personalize” and then “Background” and under “Personalize your background,” – go and select the .JXR file you downloaded to your device.

Here’s how to do that.

First, open the Windows Settings app.

You can do that by clicking on the Start menu and selecting Settings. Or press the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + I) to launch the Settings app.

When the Setting app opens, click the Personalization button on the left.

Windows 11 Personalization in the Settings app
Windows 11 accessibility tile

Select the Background tile on the right to expand it.

Use HDR JXR files as background in Windows 11
Windows pen and Windows ink tile

On the Personalization -> Background setting pane under “Personalize your background,” select the “Picture” option.

Then click the Browse photos button to select the JXR files you want to use as desktop backgrounds.

Use HDR JXR files as background in Windows 11

Once the JXR files are chosen, they will appear as desktop backgrounds.

The background should load on your display. Depending on each display’s capabilities, the background will show as HDR or SDR if multiple displays are attached to your device.

You can run the HDR Calibration app for best picture quality.

That should do it!


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This post showed you how to use HDR JXR files as backgrounds in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comments form below.

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