How to Enable or Disable Personalization and Ads in Microsoft Edge



The article informs how to turn “Personalization & advertising” On or Off in the Microsoft Edge browser. This option allows Microsoft to collect and use your browsing data to offer personalized ads. Users can disable it through browser settings or Windows Registry editor, and manage additional advertising settings via the Microsoft account privacy dashboard.

This article explains how to turn “Personalization & advertising” On or Off in the Microsoft Edge browser.

The Microsoft Edge browser is the default browser in Windows 11. However, users can switch to their preferred or favorite browser anytime. Edge is based on Chromium, similar to Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers today.

Occasionally, one may get a prompt each time a new page or tab is opened in Microsoft Edge that reads, “Personalize your web experience.” Users can either select Got it! Or Manage settings.

If you select Got it! and make no changes to your privacy settings; you agree to allow Microsoft to collect and save your browsing activities, including history, usage, favorites, web content, and other browsing data, to provide personalized ads, search, shopping, and news.

Additional data include information about the websites you visit using Microsoft Edge, including the list of sites you visited and associated data such as the URL, site name, and time you visited the site.

Turn on or off Personalization & advertising in Edge

As mentioned above, Microsoft will use your browsing data to provide a personalized web experience, including ads, search results, and more.

If you don’t want Microsoft storing your browsing data to offer you a useful web experience, you can turn it off.

Turn it back on if you’d like your information used for web personalization.

First, open the Microsoft Edge browser.

Then click on Setting and more (Alt+F) 3 horizontal dots button on the top right corner and select Settings.

micrsoft edge browser more option and settings
Microsoft Edge browser has more options and settings

On the Settings page on the left panel, click the Privacy, search, and services button.

microsoft edge browser privacy search and services page
Microsoft Edge browser privacy search and services page

Select the “Personalization & advertising” tile on the right.

Then, use the switch button to turn the feature On or Off.

Turn Personalization & advertising On or Off in Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge visual search hover button

Exit the browser setting when you are done.

Enable or disable Personalization and advertising in Microsoft Edge via the Registry Editor

Another way to turn “Personalization & advertising” on or off is using the Windows Registry editor.

To do that, open the Windows Registry editor, and navigate to the folder key below.


If you don’t see the Edge folder key, right-click on the Microsoft parent key, then create the subkey (Edge) folder.

Turn Personalization & advertising On or Off in Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge show or hide the sidebar via the registry

Right-click the Edge folder key’s right pane and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Type a new item named PersonalizationReportingEnabled.

Double-click the new item you created (PersonalizationReportingEnabled) and update the Value data:

  • To disable personalization & advertising, type 0.
  • To enable Personalization & advertising, delete the PersonalizationReportingEnabled item created above.
Windows Virtual Search turns the registry on or off

If you stop sharing this data, Microsoft will no longer collect and use your browsing activity for Personalization of advertising or experiences from that point forward.

That should do it. Restart your computer for the changes to apply.

You can also manage data and additional advertising settings from your Microsoft account privacy dashboard.

Windows advertising settings can also be controlled from your device.

That should do it!


Microsoft Support


This post showed you how to turn Personalization & advertising On or Off and hide its prompts in Microsoft Edge. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comments form below.

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