How to Show or Hide Feeds on Widgets Board in Windows 11



The article provides a guide on how to show or hide feeds on the Widgets board, a new feature in Windows 11. This customizable feature provides quick access to information like news, weather, and sports. The currently tested feature enables users to manage what feeds appear on their board. The use of ViVeTool is required…

This article explains showing or hiding feeds on the Widgets board in Windows 11.

The Widgets board is a new feature that provides quick access to news, weather, sports, and other information. It can be accessed by clicking the Widgets icon in the taskbar or pressing the Windows key + W shortcut. The board appears as a slide-out panel on the left side of the screen and can be customized to show or hide specific feeds.

Using the Widgets board, you can add or remove Phone Link, enable or disable the open Widgets board on hover, sign in or out of the Widgets board, reinstall Widgets features, completely uninstall Widgets, and more.

Microsoft is currently testing additional features in the Widgets board that will make it easier to show or hide feeds. This allows you to choose which feeds appear on your board.

This feature has not yet been released to Insider Preview users. As described in our previous post, you can enable it only by using ViVeTool.

Showing or hiding feeds in the Widgets board allows you to customize the information displayed on your screen. By selecting the most relevant feeds, you can quickly access the information you need without having to sift through irrelevant content.

This can help you save time and stay current on the topics that matter most. Also, hiding feeds you don’t need can help declutter your Widgets board and make navigating easier.

Enable or disable feeds on the Widgets board

As mentioned above, a feature being tested in Windows allows you to show or hide feeds on your Widgets board.

Here’s how to do it.

First, read our previous post to learn how to enable hidden features in Windows 11 Insider builds using the ViVeTool utility.

After learning to use ViVeTool, run the commands below to enable showing or hiding feeds on your Widgets board.

"C:\Users\Richard\Downloads\ViVeTool-v0.3.3\ViVeTool.exe" /enable /id:42880174,44281626,45393399

Once enabled, launch the Widget boards, then click the Settings button.

Windows Widgets board settings

Select the “Show or hide feeds” tile on the Settings pane to expand it.

Windows Widgets board show or hide feeds

Then, toggle the button next to the feed you wish to show or hide on your board.

Show or hide feeds on widgets board button

That should do it!


This post showed you how to enable or disable feeds on your Widgets board in Windows 11. Please use the comments form below if you find errors or have something to add.

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