How to Delete Your OneDrive Account and Disconnect a Windows 11 PC



This article provides a guide to unlink a PC and remove an account from OneDrive in Windows 11. The OneDrive app, which syncs computer files with Microsoft Cloud, can be disconnected from a particular PC without data loss. This might solve syncing issues and files remain accessible on OneDrive’s web platform after unlinking.

This article explains removing an account and unlinking a PC from OneDrive in Windows 11.

The OneDrive app lets you sync files and folders on your computer with Microsoft Cloud. It allows you to access them anywhere on your mobile devices and other computers using the service.

You can automatically back up your essential folders (your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders) on your device with the OneDrive app.

If you do not want to use OneDrive on a particular PC, remove your account and unlink OneDrive. Removing and unblinking OneDrive from the computer may also help solve some sync problems.

You won’t lose files or folders by removing an account. After unlinking, all your files will be available from OneDrive on the web. In addition, no data will be lost by unlinking and re-linking your OneDrive; your local folders are just disconnected from the cloud for a while.

Remove your account and unlink a PC from OneDrive

As mentioned above, you can remove your account and unlink a PC from OneDrive to resolve some syncing issues or stop syncing the computer.

Here’s how to do that.

First, open the OneDrive settings pane. You can access the Settings page by clicking the OneDrive icon on the Taskbar (Taskbar overflow) and selecting the gear -> Settings on the context menu.

OneDrive Settings button

One can also access OneDrive settings by going to the OneDrive folder in Windows File Explorer. Then, on the top right menu bar, expand the OneDrive button and select the Settings gear.

OneDrive File Explorer menu button

When the OneDrive settings pane opens, select Account on the left menu.

Then click the Unlink this PC link under your account on the right pane.

On the pop-up window, click the Unlink account to confirm that you want to remove and unlink your PC from OneDrive.

When you do that, your account will be removed, and the PC will be unlinked from OneDrive. You will then see a OneDrive setup screen.

That should do it!



This post showed you how to remove an account and unlink a PC from OneDrive in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comments form below.

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