How to Disable or Enable Microsoft Teams Chat in Windows 11

This post shows students and new users how to disable or stop Microsoft Teams Chat app from starting up and logging you in automatically in Windows 11.

Microsoft Teams is being added to Windows 11 for all consumer versions. Teams, by default, will automatically start up every time you log in. And if you set up your account and sign in, it will also log you in automatically.

This post will show you how to disable Microsoft Teams app and stop it from starting up and logging you automatically so you’re not always connected online.

The new Windows 11 will come with many new features and enhancements that will work great for some while adding some learning challenges for others.

Some things and settings have changed so much that folks must learn new ways to work with and manage Windows 11.

To disable Microsoft Teams and stop it from opening up automatically, follow the steps below:

How to stop Microsoft Teams from logging you in automatically

If you want to disable Microsoft Teams and stop it from logging you in automatically, use the steps below:

Click on Windows Start on the Taskbar, then search for ‘Microsoft Teams ‘in the search box. Then right-click on Microsoft Teams app from the relevant result and click Apps settings.

When the Teams app settings open, toggle the box to the of possible under Runs at login to disable Microsoft Teams from automatically starting up when you log in.

Also, under Background apps permissions, choose to Never run this app in the background.

Please restart your computer, and that should do it!


This post showed you how to disable Microsoft Teams and stop it from automatically starting up every time you login into Windows 11.

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  1. Really ItIsNotHard

    You can just uninstall it, like the option is right there

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