How to Change “Notification content” settings in Singal on Windows 11



The article provides a step-by-step guide for users to alter ‘Notification content’ setting in the Signal app for Windows 11, in order to maintain message privacy. This feature allows users to determine how much information should display in the notification banner, including the option to display none, enhancing privacy especially in public places or shared…

This article explains how to change the “Notification content” settings in the Signal app on Windows 11.

Signal is a cross-platform popular messaging app. It allows users to send and receive encrypted messages, make voice and video calls, and share files from their devices, including computers.

When you install and set up the Signal Desktop app, you can choose to have it open automatically when you log in to your computer. The app also allows you to turn on or off call relay through Signals’ servers to avoid revealing your IP address, turn disappearing messages on or off, and more.

By default, the Signal app will display the name, content, and action on the notification banner in Windows. You can change the notification content setting to display none to keep information private.

Changing the notification content settings in the Signal app can be useful if you want to keep your messages private. You can choose not to display content details on the notification banner so no one can see your screen and read your messages.

This is especially useful if you work in a public place or share your computer with others.

Change notification content settings in the Signal app

As mentioned above, users can change their notification content settings in the Signal app to keep their information private by not displaying content details on the notification banners.

Here’s how to do that.

First, launch the app by clicking the Start menu and selecting it on the All Apps list.

You can also launch the app from the Taskbar or Taskbar overflow.

When the app opens, click File and select Preferences ( CTRL + , ) on the menu. You can also get the Preferences window by clicking the Settings (gear) button at the bottom left.

On the Preferences window, select Notifications on the left menu. On the right, select the “Notification content” tile. Then, select one of the following settings for notifications you received on Windows.

  • Name, content, and actions
  • Name only
  • No name or content

To hide all notification content, select “No name or content.”

Signal notification content settings options

That should do it!


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