How to Enable the built-in OpenSSH Client in Windows 10

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programmer 1653351 640

Microsoft has finally added the OpenSSH client on Windows 10 machines. Although still a beta feature, it works. You’ll probably still want to use your favorite SSH client instead of the Windows 10 version.

To use Windows 10 SSH client, you must add or install it. It is part of Windows but not enabled by default. Also, the built-in Windows 10 SSH client only supports ed25519 keys, so it might not work with all SSH server settings.

OpenSSH has always come with Linux and other operating systems by default. But not Windows.

This is a slight change for Windows users. Hopefully, Windows users should not have to use third-party SSH clients like Putty and others to connect to SSH servers.

Install Windows 10 OpenSSH Client

To get started with enabling the client, click on Start –> to Settings

windows 10 default apps installation location

Then click on Apps –> Apps & features from the Apps & feature page, click Manage optional features

windows 10 ssh client

Then click the Add a feature button to add the new SSH client

windows 10 ssh client

Scroll down the list and click OpenSSH Client (Beta) option and click Install

openssh windows 10

That should install Windows 10 OpenSSH client.

How to Use Windows 10 SSH Client

Now that the client is installed, you must open Windows Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell. Either program should work for you. The client works just like the ones on Linux and other operating systems.

Type the ssh command followed by the username @ hostname or IP address. You may specify the SSH port if not the standard port. If the server is configured right, access should be granted.

ex. ssh

windows 10 ssh client

This is how to install Windows 10 built-in OpenSSH client


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  1. how can openssh possibly bear a microsoft copyright notice? I don’t trust this software, rather use the genuine openssh…

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