A Guide to Using One Keyboard and Mouse for Several Windows 11 Computers



The tutorial outlines the use of PowerToys’ ‘Mouse Without Borders’ feature in Windows 11, which enables a single keyboard and mouse to control up to four machines. It further simplifies file and clipboard content sharing. The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on PowerToys installation and configuring Mouse Without Borders.

This tutorial explains controlling up to 4 machines with one keyboard and mouse using PowerToys “Mouse Without Borders” feature in Windows 11.

In a typical environment, one keyboard and mouse are connected to a Windows machine. With additional setup, one can control multiple computers using a single keyboard and mouse through an external medium.

However, Windows users can install PowerToys to control up to 4 computers from the same machine. No additional hardware is required.

PowerToys “Mouse without borders” allows users to control multiple machines using the same keyboard/mouse, transfer files and use the clipboard between machines.

Share keyboard and mouse between multiple machines using PowerToys Mouse without borders

As mentioned above, the PowerToys feature “Mouse without borders” allows one to share a keyboard and mouse with up to four machines and allows them to share file and clipboard content.

Here’s how to use PowerToys Mouse without border feature in Windows 11.

First, install the PowerToys on Windows.

Once PowerToys is installed, open Mouse Without Borders in PowerToys Settings to configure your connections.

Under Activation, toggle the switch to enable Mouse Without Borders. Do this on all the machines you want to control.

On the first computer, select New Key to generate a security key for connecting.

PowerToys Mouse without boarders set up on Windows 11

On the second computer, enter the Security Key generated on the first computer and the name of the first computer. Then select Connect.

PowerToys Mouse without boarders set up on Windows 11

Once the computers connect, you can switch between them by moving your mouse cursor beyond the edge of the screen, transitioning between computers.

Please do the same to the third and fourth computers and connect to them.

While your machines are connected, you will notice a Device layout section. You can use the layout settings to drag and re-arrange the screen orders to match the physical location of the monitors.

That should do it!


PowrToys Peek utility for Windows


This post showed you how to use the PowerToys Mouse Without Boarders feature to control up to 4 machines in Windows 11. If you find any errors above or have something to add, please use the comments form below.

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