Steps to Customize the Appearance of Notepad on Windows 11



The article provides a guide on how to change themes, including enabling dark mode, in the Notepad app on Windows 11. It is clarified that Notepad, as a basic text editor, has fewer features than WordPad, which can handle more diverse file types. The article provides step-by-step instructions on customizing the Notepad app.

This article describes how to change the theme, including turning on dark mode in the Notepad app in Windows 11.

Notepad is a generic text editor that one can use to create, open and edit plaintext files. However, if you want to open or edit files containing special formatting, you will want to use WordPad instead.

Notepad offers fewer features than Microsoft WordPad. For example, unlike Notepad, WordPad can open and save text files (.txt), rich text files (.rtf), Word documents (.docx), and OpenDocument text files (.odt).

Although the Notepad app is a standard text editor, it allows you to change the Font and the app’s theme, including enabling dark mode.

Below is how to do that in Windows 11.

Change the Notepad theme in the app

As mentioned above, the Notepad app lets you change the font family size and other features. You can also change the app’s theme, switching from its default System settings theme to a light, dark one in the Notepad app.

Here’s how to do that.

First, open the Notepad app.

When the app opens, click the Settings (gear) button at the top right.

On the Settings pane, select the App theme tile to expand it. Then choose one of the available themes using the dropdown option highlighted below.

When you are done, exit the Settings pane.

That should do it!


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