How to create shares with full access on Windows 10



The article provides a step-by-step guide on creating shares with full access in Windows 10. This configuration permits all users to freely create, delete, and modify files and folders, making it ideal for temporary storage but unsuitable for long-term content due to its unrestricted permissions. The article promises a subsequent tutorial on mounting these shares…

This article describes the steps to create shares with full access in Windows 10.

When Windows shares are created with everyone having full access, everybody can access the shared location without prompting for passwords or logins.

Windows shares with full access, enabling everyone to access the shared location without prompting for passwords or logins. This allows users to create, delete, and modify folders and files. This setup is perfect for locations where users are granted access to temporary store content and quickly remove it to a secure location.

However, it is important to note that since everyone has the right to delete, create, and modify, it is not a suitable place to store content for a long time.

In part two of this post, I’ll show you how to configure a Linux machine to mount the shares created on the Windows machine.

To get started with creating Windows Share for everyone to have full access, follow the steps below:

Create the Folder you Want to Share

To share a folder, you must create or use existing folders. To create a folder, open Windows File Explorer, right-click a blank area, select New –> Folder, and give the share a name. 

For this post, we’re creating a folder called PublicShare.

windows shares

Create a share

Now that you’ve created the Folder, please continue with the step below to share it.

Right-click the Start button and select Computer Management or search for it.

Then, expand Shared Folders, right-click Shares, and select New Share.

Follow the wizard, browse the Folder you created, and select it. Then click Next.

windows public shares

Then, provide a name for the share or keep the folder name as the share name. You should also see the shared path. You type this line in the file browser to access the share.

When you’re done, click Next to continue.

windows shares wizard

After that, select Customize permissions on the shared folder permissions dialog box. Then select Everyone and check the allow box for Full Control.

Click OK and click Finish.

windows shared folder permissions

Click Finish to complete the wizard.

windows shared wizard

You’re done.

To access the share, type \\COMPUTERNAME\SharedName

This is how to create shares on Windows computers. It should apply to Windows XP through 10.

In our next post, we’ll show you how to mount the shared location on Linux machines, including Ubuntu.


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  1. Steve Gere Avatar
    Steve Gere

    There is no option for “New Share..” in Windows Management. Right click left click, no way. Sucks when there is no option, and should be a more generic solution. How old is this? Do you stay up to date?

    1. Kevin Avatar

      Not sure what you think you know, but there 100% is the option for a new share if you are in the Shares section of Shared Folders in Windows Management Console and right click.

  2. Kranti Avatar

    Nice Tutorial.

  3. steven Avatar

    fantastic, thank you so much for your help! i wasted so much time on this till i found your article.

  4. Murray Avatar

    Terrific, reads like an edited article – i.e excellent English

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