Log Out, Switch Users, Lock Screen, Power Off Ubuntu Desktops

If you’re starting with Ubuntu and want to know some basics, then you’re at the right place. However, our tutorials are geared toward students and new users who want to learn open-source CMS and Linux systems.

Almost all our tutorials are based on Ubuntu Linux because it’s probably the easiest Linux system to learn. Ubuntu is an open-source Linux operating system that runs on desktops, laptops, servers, and other devices…

This brief tutorial describes Ubuntu Log out, Switch Users, Lock Screen, and Power off desktop features that you’ll find when using Ubuntu desktops. To understand these features, continue below:

Ubuntu Lock Screen:

If you step away from your computer for a short time, you can use the lock screen feature to prevent other people from accessing your files or running applications.

If you don’t lock your screen by default, it will lock automatically after a certain time. When you return, raise the lock screen curtain and enter your password to log back in.

Ubuntu Suspend

Most operating systems add a suspend feature to save Power, especially if it’s not actively used. The feature is mainly found on laptops and portable computers using battery power.

If you’re using a laptop computer, Ubuntu, by default, suspends your computer automatically when you close the lid. When your computer is suspended, the system’s state is saved into the computer’s memory and shuts down most of the computer’s functions.

A very small amount of Power is still used during suspension so that you can continue from where you left off when you return.

Ubuntu Log out or Switch User

If you have multiple users using the same computer, you can let others use the computer by either logging out or switching users. If you switch users, all your applications will continue running, and everything will be where you left it when you log back in.

If you log out, your session will end, and all applications will stop. When you log in back in, you’ll start a new session.

Ubuntu Power off or Restart

If you want to shut down your computer entirely, click the system menu at the top right corner and select the Power off button. A dialog will open, allowing you to either Restart or Power Off.

If other users are logged in, you may not be allowed to power off or restart the computer because this will end their sessions. If you are an administrative user, you may be asked for your password to power off.

Ubuntu Power off, log out, restart

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