How to Run File Explorer as Administrator in Windows 11

This post shows students and new users steps to open and run File Explorer as an administrator in Windows 11. Alternatively referred to as Windows Explorer or Explorer is a file and folder browser found in every version of Windows. It is used to browse your PC hard drives (internal or external), folders, and files.

By default, when you open File Explorer in Windows, it opens with normal privileges. If you sign into Windows as an administrator, File Explorer will open with administrative privileges. But in a typical environment, no one ever logs in as an administrator.

If you’re not signed in as an administrator but want to open the File Explorer with administrator’s privileges, the steps below will show you how.

To run programs or services as an administrator, your account must be a member of the administrator’s group. The first account created when you installed Windows is automatically added to the administrator group by default.

How to open File Explorer in Windows as an administrator

As mentioned above, users can open File Explorer with administrative privileges. Since File Explorer opens with standard privileges, use the steps below will open it as administrator.

First, open File Explorer from the Taskbar or press the Windows + E keys on your keyboard.

Then browse to the C:\Windows folder, locate the explorer app, then right-click and select Run as administrator.

A new File Explorer window will be open with administrator privileges.

Another way to run File Explorer as an administrator is open the Task Manager in Windows and run File Explorer as a task from there.

First, open the Task Manager in Windows 11.

Then select More details if presented. Next, click File ==> Run a new task as highlighted below.

On the pop-up window that opens, check the box that reads “Create this task with administrative privileges,” then types the commands below inside the box and press the ENTER key.


When you press the ENTER key, a new File Explorer window will open with administrator privileges.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to run File Explorer in Windows 11 as an administrator. Please use the comment form below if you find any errors above or have something to add.

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