How to Install AMPPS Stack on Windows 11

This post shows students and new users steps to install and configure AMPPS Stack on Windows 11. AMPPS is a WAMP (Windows Apache, MariaDB and PHP) and MAMP (MacOS, Apache, MariaDB and PHP) stack that makes it easy for anyone to create new websites using templates or an existing free open source applications on their desktop or server machines.

AMPPS stack is a light weight and comes with just one PHP, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, Softaculous and phpMyAdmin without any bloat. Additional web apps can be installed with single click using Softaculous Auto Installer. One can install over 400 apps.

When you want to run WordPress, AMPPS will let you do that with a feature rich WordPress Manager which allows you to manage themes and plugins, upgrade, clone sites and more.

There are other methods one can use to install full web stack in Windows 11. For advanced users, they can use Windows Subsystem for Linux.

How to install and configure AMPPS on Windows 11

As mentioned above, AMPPS is a WAMP (Windows Apache, MariaDB and PHP) and MAMP (MacOS, Apache, MariaDB and PHP) stack that allows users to run full stack on their desktop or server machines.

It’s easy to download and install in Windows. The steps below should help you get it working in Windows 11.

First, go and download a copy of AMPPS for either your Windows or MacOS machine.

Download AMPPS for Windows or MacOS

download ampps for windows 11

Then run the downloaded installer from your Downloads folder.

ampps for windows 11 installer

Accept the licensing terms for the packages being installed.

ampps license terms for install windows 11

Go through with the setup wizard and accept the defaults. Then on the Read to Install screen, click Install.

ampps windows 11 install

Finally, click Finish and launch AMPPS on your device.

windows 11 complete ampps install

AMPPS should begin downloading latest packages in the install folder. These packages will be used to build your websites and apps.

aamps will begin download latest packages to use with it

If you have Windows Defender Firewall enabled, you’ll be prompted to allow MySQL and other services to communicate through the firewall.

windows 11 ampps defender firewall

AMPPS should open a pop window to the bottom right of your screen as shown below.

ampps windows pop up screen

Click on the Home folder to open its browser portal, from where you can configure all services and features.

You can also get there using the URL below:

ampps web portal

That should do it!


This post showed you how to install and configure AMPPS on Windows 11. If you find any error above or have something to add, please use the comment form below.

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