How to Automatically Start Programs in Windows 10

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This article describes the steps to start programs when Windows starts automatically.

In the previous version of Windows, one would easily create startup programs by going to the msconfig page and adding the programs. So how do you do it in Windows 10 now that msconfig isn’t available?

Windows allows programs to install themselves in Windows startup configuration settings automatically. There’s nothing to do with programs designed to start automatically.

They will automatically start up every time Windows starts.

How do you start a program that wasn’t designed to start automatically every time Windows starts?

Below is how to do that.

Find where programs are installed.

An easy way to auto-start a program is to create a shortcut for the program in the Windows Startup folder. First, you must know where the program you wish to start up is installed. Then, right-click the program Icon or executable to find that information and select Properties.

auto start windows programs

Take notes of the program’s start in a folder on the Shortcut tab. Or click the button to Open the File Location of the program, and this is how you find what’s the program’s home folder. It will also be where the program executable lives.

automatically start windows 10 programs

Configure programs to auto start

After discovering where the program you wish to start up automatically lives, continue below to learn how to start the program up automatically.

First, open the Windows Run command box. Or type the Windows logo Key and R on your keyboard. This will open the Windows command run box.

In the box, type this command and press Enter.


windows startup config

When you press Enter, it will open the Windows program startup folder for your account. From there, right-click a blank area and select New –> Shortcut.

windows 10 startup program auto

Now browse to the program home folder. The one you found using the step above and select the program’s executable file.

windows 10 program executable

Continue with the wizard until you’re done.

Every time you log on to a Windows computer, this program will automatically open up.

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