How to Install Wavebox App on Ubuntu Linux

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Wavebox is an application that consolidates various web services and applications in one desktop location. By logging into Wavebox, users gain access to multiple clients including Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, Office 365, Trello, Slack and more. The app streamlines workflows by providing seamless toggling between these applications. The base version is free and supports two Gmail/Inbox accounts, while the pro version offers additional features. Wavebox can be installed on Ubuntu desktops via DEB package or Ubuntu Snap, with settings automatically syncing across devices.

Wavebox is an app that lets you put all your favorite apps/web accounts and services in one central place on your desktop. So instead of opening countless browser tabs and logging in and out of your favorite cloud accounts, you can use the Wavebox app to sign in once into multiple clients like Gmail, Inbox, Outlook, Office 365, Trello, Slack & more.

Add your favorites from up to 1000+ apps/websites/services and easily hop between them to create faster workflows and enjoy a more innovative way of working.

Whether you’re using it from home or the office, Wavebox should be a great app. Sign in once all your settings are available on the desktop, mobile devices, and everywhere you have Wavebox installed.

Install Wavebox and use it for free with 2 Gmail/Inbox accounts. Then upgrade to Pro to add more apps, services, and features.

For more about Wavebox, visits the homepage.

When you’re ready to install Wavebox for Linux, follow the steps below:

Below are two options available when installing the Wavebox desktop app on Ubuntu desktops; you can select either one to get it installed.

Install Wavebox Desktop App DEB Package

To install Wavebox using its DEB package, select it at the link below.EB version… 64-bit should be good if your system supports it. Then download it to your desktop (usually to the Downloads folder of your Home directory).

If you select More options, it will let you download and install the.DEB package.

Wavebox ubuntu install

Download and save the file to your desktop… usually in your Home directory’s ~/Downloads folder.

ubuntu install wavebox

After downloading, navigate to your Downloads folder, right-click the downloaded file, and select Open With Software Install.

Wavebox ubuntu install

When Ubuntu Software opens, click Install to begin the installation.

Wavebox ubuntu setup

That should prompt you to type and confirm your password before the installation can continue… When you’re done, Wavebox should be installed and ready to use… To launch it, go to the Activities Overview and search Wavebox and launch it.

Wavebox ubuntu install

Install Wavebox Desktop App via Snap

Wavebox App can also be installed via Ubuntu snap package management… This might be the quickest way to install Wavebox. Snaps are applications packaged with dependencies to run on all popular Linux distributions from a single build. They update automatically and roll back gracefully.

To install via Snap, run the commands below

sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install wavebox

That’s it!

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