How to Display new WordPress Comments First

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programmer 1653351 640

By default, WordPress displays older comments at the top of the comment page, and newer comments are displayed last.

If a post were written over 5 years ago, those comments added from 5 years ago would be at the top. This might not be a great way to enhance a blog post. However, one thing everyone knows is 5 years is a long time when it comes to technology. Lots of changes happen in 5 years.

A post about WordPress written 5 years ago may not accurately reflect the WordPress of today. On the other hand, WordPress has gone through many changes over 5 years, so making newer and recent comments displayed at the top might be a good thing.

Since comments can be a source of added information sometimes to enhance a post or provide added information for your audience, making newer comments at the top should be considered by webmasters.

This brief blog post will show you how to make this happen in WordPress.

To configure WordPress to display newer comments, log on to the WordPress admin dashboard and go to Settings –> Discussion, as shown in the image below

wordpress comment display

On the Discussion Settings page, change the highlighted settings option to match the image below to say:

Comments should be displayed with the newer comments at the top of each page.

wordpress settings discussion

Save your changes, and you’re done.

In the future, all newer comments will be put at the very top, and older comments will be pushed below.

That’s it!

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