How to Block Potentially Unwanted Apps in Microsoft Edge

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to enable the new Microsoft Edge blocker for Potentially Unwanted Apps | Programs (PUP).

Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and has a new spyware | malware blocker for those who have been following. With it, you can automatically block downloads of low-reputation apps that might cause unexpected behaviors, including being used to spy on your activities online.

This feature won’t be enabled by default.

You will not see it in the stable release if you’ve just installed Microsoft Edge. It has been added to the beta version of Edge and should make its way to the stable version in a few weeks.

This browser feature blocks potentially unwanted apps or programs (PUP), including adware, spy browser toolbars, trackers, miners, and things that may be used to spy on or steal your information.

Again, when the feature arrives, it won’t block these programs by default, so you’ll want to enable it to use. Windows Defender uses a similar feature to block unwanted programs in Windows.

Block Potentially Unwanted Programs in Edge

By default, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge protect you by preventing you from downloading spyware, unwanted programs, and malware to your computer by mistake. With the feature, Edge took it further by blocking these programs in your browser which may be spying on your activities.

To enable the crapware blocker in the new Microsoft Edge, click menu > Settings as shown in the image below:

Edge Windows 10

Then click the Privacy and services option in the left pane as shown in the image below:

Edge Windows 10

Scroll down on the list and under Services, move the button to Block potentially unwanted apps option as shown in the image below.

As I mentioned above, the feature may not be available to you at this moment. It was recently added to the Edge beta version and my generally available in the stable branch.

If you don’t see the option to block potentially unwanted apps, you’ll have to wait a bit for Edge to update to the version that allows blocking unwanted programs.

Edge Windows 10

To see which version of the new Microsoft Edge you have, click menu > Help & feedback > About Microsoft Edge.

The settings are now applied and Edge should begin aggressively preventing unwanted programs and apps from installing.

That’s it!


This post shows you how to enable the new Microsoft Edge unwanted pop-up blocker. If you find any errors above, please use the form below to report.

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