How to Install TinyCP on Ubuntu Linux

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Like Webmin host config software, TinyCP is a great tool when managing Linux hosts. It is lightweight and includes management features for Domains, Mailboxes, Databases, FTP, Samba, Firewall, VPN, GIT, SVN, etc.

Once installed, it allows server administrators to manage Linux servers easily from a web browser which takes the complexity of managing them.

This brief tutorial will show students and new users how to install TinyCP on Ubuntu 18.04 | 16.04 LTS servers.

This tool can be handy for new users and students just learning to manage Linux systems. Instead of using complicated commands and a console terminal to manage Linux, TinyCP lets you do it from the comfort of your web browser.

For more about TinyCP, please visit its homepage.

When you’re ready to install TinyCP, continue below with the steps:

Install TinyCP

Before installing TinyCP on your Ubuntu server, make sure you’ve updated it. To update Ubuntu run the commands below.

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove

After that, run the commands below to download the TinyCP installation script. This script will do all the hard work for you. First, it will install the required packages and configure them. Then install TinyCo.

cd /tmp

Finally, run the commands below to install TinyCP.

chmod +x
sudo ./

That should install TinyCP. When the installation is done, you should receive something like this:

|                                              |
|        TinyCP successfully installed         |

  LOGIN: admin


After installing TinyCP, run the commands below to start it.

sudo /etc/init.d/tinycp start

Accessing TinyCP

Now that TinyCP is installed, you can access the interface by opening your web browser and browsing the server hostname or IP address, followed by port 8080.

ex. https://localhost:8080

TinyCP Ubuntu Install

The username and password on the screen should allow you to log on. However, you may want to reset the password after logging in the first time.

TinyCP ubuntu install

You must register for a free account to register your server. Without an Account ID, you won’t be able to navigate to other modules and parts of the page.

ubuntu tinycp install

TinyCP does not install system packages by default to keep your system clean and healthy. Therefore, you’ll have to manually install additional packages from the portal to use a particular function and module. If you need this functionality, install the required packages.


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