A step-by-step guide to installing TeamViewer from the command line on Ubuntu Linux



This guide details how to install TeamViewer on Ubuntu Linux using the command line for efficient and customizable setup. It involves downloading the TeamViewer package from their website and installing it via terminal commands. This method enhances speed, allows for specific configurations, and is preferred by terminal-savvy users. Automatic updates are enabled post-installation.

This article explains installing TeamViewer from the command line on Ubuntu Linux.

TeamViewer is a popular remote access software that enables users to access and control computers from different locations via the Internet. It is commonly used for remote desktop access, online meetings, web conferencing, file transfer, and remote support.

There are multiple ways to install the TeamViewer app on Ubuntu. The easiest is to download its executable from online and install it via Ubuntu Software Center.

However, the most efficient way to install TeamViewer is via the command line terminal.

There are several advantages to installing TeamViewer via the command line. Firstly, it is faster and more efficient than installing it via the Ubuntu Software Center. Additionally, the command line allows for more customization options, such as installing specific versions or configuring settings during installation.

Finally, installing via the command line is also useful for those who prefer working with terminal commands and feel more comfortable with that approach.

Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu Linux

Since TeamViewer is a proprietary software, you won’t find its binaries in the default repositories for Ubuntu.

You must download and install the installer package from the TeamViewer’s website.

First, open the Terminal app (CTRL + ALT + T) on Ubuntu. Then, run the command below to download the TeamViewer’s installer package.

wget https://download.teamviewer.com/download/linux/teamviewer_amd64.deb

Once the download is complete, run the command below to update the package index on Ubuntu and install TeamViewer.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb

After installing TeamViewer, you can launch it from the command line by typing teamviewer or clicking the TeamViewer icon in the Applications menu.

TeamViewer install on Ubuntu Linux from command line terminal

During the installation, the official TeamViewer repository is added to your machine. The next time a newer version is released, your machine will install it automatically, along with other packages.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to install the TeamViewer app on Ubuntu Linux from the command line terminal. Please use the comments form below if you find errors or have something to add.

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