How to Install Telegram on Ubuntu Linux

dual screen 1745705 640
dual screen 1745705 640

Telegram, a cross-platform instant messaging program focused on security and privacy, can easily be installed on Ubuntu desktops.

This brief tutorial will show students and new users how to install the Telegram instant messaging app on Ubuntu via Snap package management.

If you haven’t used Telegram and value apps protecting your privacy, then you should try it. Many other instant messaging apps put security and user privacy at the forefront, but Telegram is probably the most popular.

It supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems, including Ubuntu.

Telegram is also a fast and secure desktop app and can perfectly sync with your mobile devices, so your communication is everywhere on all your devices at any time.

To get started installing Telegram, follow the steps below:

Install Snap

If you don’t have Snap installed on your system, you should install it before continuing below. For users using Ubuntu 16.04, that will be the case.

Applications built using Snap are self-contained with all the libraries and files that are

To install Snap, run the commands below

sudo apt install snapd

Install Telegram

Now that Snap package management is installed, run the commands below to install the Telegram snap app.

sudo snap install telegram-desktop

After installing, open your Activities Overview, search for Telegram, and open. The first time you should be prompted for your mobile device number.

If you already have an account, the program will automatically associate your number and allow you to sign in with your password or code sent to your device.

Telegram ubuntu install

That’s it!

This is how one installs the Telegram messaging app on an Ubuntu desktop.

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  1. thanks a lot

  2. Install Telegram via Snap may cause issue such as cannot use iBus to type asian languages.
    “sudo apt install telegram-desktop” will work with iBus


    Hello sir/Mam how can I install telegram on my Ubuntu 16.04

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