How to Quickly Show your Desktop on Windows 11

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This post shows students and new users steps to quickly show their desktop on Windows 11 from the far-right corner of the Taskbar. Sometimes you may want to quickly see your desktop in Windows 11, but you don’t want to tediously minimize all the many windows you have opened.

Windows 11 comes with a button that allows users to quickly minimize all opened apps and show the desktop by clicking it and clicking the button again re-open all the apps that were minimized.

This little feature is very useful especially if you want to quickly show your desktop without disturbing your windows layout.

When all your apps and settings windows open, you can simply click on the tiny vertical line on the far right corner of the Taskbar to quickly show your desktop. Click it again, to bring everything back.

This feature is enabled by default, but if it’s disabled, we’ll show you how to enable it or disable it if you don’t want to use it.

To get started with showing or hiding your desktop on Windows 11, follow the steps below.

How to quickly show the desktop on Windows 11

As mentioned above, one can quickly minimize all windows and show the desktop on Windows 11 by clicking on a tiny vertical line on the far right corner of the Taskbar, next to the clock.

You may not see it clearly, but when you hover your mouse over the far right corner of the Taskbar, it will bring up the vertical line you can use to quickly show or hide the desktop on Windows 11.

If you don’t see the vertical line or button, below is how to enable or turn it on.

One can also use the keyboard shortcuts to hide and unhide the desktop in Windows. Simply press the Windows Key + D on your keyboard to do that.

These shortcuts can also be used: press the Windows key + M  to minimize all open programs. To undo all minimized windows, press the keys Windows key + SHIFT + M.

How to turn on the show desktop button on Windows 11

As mentioned above, one can quickly show or hide the desktop by clicking on the vertical line at the far right corner of the Taskbar. If you don’t see the button or line, use the steps below to enable it.

Windows 11 has a centralized location for the majority of its settings. Everything can be done from system configurations to creating new users and updating Windows from its System Settings pane.

To get to System Settings, you can use the Windows key + I shortcut or click on Start ==> Settings as shown in the image below:

Alternatively, you can use the search box on the Taskbar and search for Settings. Then select to open it.

Windows Settings pane should look similar to the image below. In Windows Settings, click Personalization, and select Taskbar on the right pane of your screen shown in the image below.

On the Taskbar settings pane, expand Taskbar behavior, then check the box for “Select the far corner of the taskbar to show the desktop” to enable the feature on Windows 11.

The changes should take effect immediately.

To disable, simply reverse the steps above and uncheck the box to disable.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to quickly show or hide the Desktop on Windows 11 from the Taskbar. Please use the comment form below if you find any errors above or have something to add.

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  1. That is exactly what I had been looking for!!!

  2. This article is pointless and stupid. This is nothing new; same behavior in Windows 10 (and maybe 7, 8….who can remember). Found this from a search result for how to display “minimize all windows”. Who the eff wants to try to navigate to that tiny little barely visible “line” at the far right, or use obtuse keyboard finger/hand gestures. Post a real article on how to restore the “Show Desktop” icon that appears on your TASKBAR (one click, bottom center of your screen!) that was in Windows 10, and stupid upgrade removed. Googling next article!!!! Yours=FAIL!

  3. I was wondering if there is a way to have the setting of just being able to hover over this corner of the taskbar to view the desktop like in previous Windows versions please?

  4. Super. Thanks, just was I was loooking for.
    When MS turns old stuff off, some like me dislike it if always used.
    And when we do not know where to check/look, because it has always been active, then sites like these are priceless. Thanks!
    Trough all stuipd losses in WIn 8, 8.1 and (less) in WIn 10, there will aways be stuff they turn off or change back as you are used too.

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