How to Disable AutoFill Addresses in Microsoft Edge

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This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to disable autofill for addresses in Microsoft Edge Browser when using Windows 10.

By default, Microsoft Edge offers to save addresses and automatically fill out address details the next time you want to complete web forms online. The AutoFill feature lets users auto-complete home or business addresses in web forms using previously stored information.

This can be convenient but can also compromise your address information.

When using Windows 10, you can turn off or disable this feature for all users on the system so that addresses and other details are never automatically saved and are not used to auto-complete web forms.

To get started with disabling saving addresses in Edge, follow the steps below:

Disable Saving Addresses

By default, Microsoft Edge offers to save and auto-complete address information in web forms using previously stored information. You can keep this default setting or disable it.

To disable saving addresses information and auto-completing in web forms, open the new Microsoft Edge, go to Settings and more  > Settings.

When the Settings page opens, go to Profiles. Under Personal info, move the block to disable Save and fill in personal info.

Or you can simply type the URL below in Edge browser to go directly to the address settings.


Disable Saving Addresses via the registry

You can also disable saving addresses in Edge from the Windows registry.

If you’re logged in as an administrator, you can also disable this feature via the Windows registry. To do that, use the steps below:

Using Windows registry is one way to force all users on the system to not save addresses and autocomplete web forms online. There are multiple ways to do this in Windows, however, using the Windows registry is the easiest and most effective way.

To enable, press the Windows Key + on your keyboard to open the run command box. Or use the search function to search for the Run app.

In the command box, type the commands below and press Enter.


When the Windows registry opens, navigate to the path below. If you don’t see the Edge key, create one.


From there, right-click on the Edge key and select the New > DWORD (32-bit) Value option to create a REG_DWORD value if you don’t see the existing AutofillAddressEnabled value already created.

If you don’t see the Edge key or folder, create one.

Name the new DWORD value as:


After saving the DWORD above, double-click it to open. Then enter the value of 0 to disable and 1 to enable.

0 = Force disabled
1 = Force enabled

That should do it.


This post showed you how to disable autofill addresses in the Microsoft Edge browser. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.

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