How to Add a Scanner in Windows 11

This post shows students and new users how to install a scanner in Windows 11.

The new Windows 11 comes with many cool features and a refreshing new graphical interface, including a centered Start menu and taskbar, rounded corners windows, themes, and colors that make any Windows device stand out.

One thing you can do with Windows 11 uses its built-in app to scan your documents and save them digitally anywhere. And users who want to scan physical documents into a digital format and store it on their computer or in the cloud, adding a scanner might be the best way to do it.

When you connect a scanner to your device or add a new scanner to your home network, you can usually start scanning pictures and documents right away. If you add a scanner and it doesn’t work automatically, simply follow the steps below to get it installed properly.

To get started with adding new scanners to Windows 11, use the steps below:

Install a local scanner

Today, adding a scanner to a Windows computer is very easy. In most cases, all you have to do to set up a scanner is to connect it to your computer.

Plug the USB cable from your scanner into an available USB port on your computer, and turn the scanner on. Windows should automatically install the scanner drivers and configure them to work.

If that doesn’t work, here’s a way to do it manually. 

Windows 11 has a centralized location for the majority of its settings. Everything can be done from system configurations to creating new users and updating Windows from its System Settings pane.

To get to System Settings, you can use the Windows key + I shortcut or click on Start ==> Settings as shown in the image below:

Alternatively, you can use the search box on the taskbar and search for Settings. Then select to open it.

Windows Settings pane should look similar to the image below. In Windows Settings, click Bluetooth & devices, then select Printers & scanners on the right pane of your screen shown in the image below.

Click Add a printer or scanner button on the Printer & scanner settings page. 

Wait for Windows 11 to find nearby scanners, then choose the one you want to use from the list and select Add device.

If you get a message, “The printer that I want isn’t listed” click Add manually, as highlighted in the section below.

Choose “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” as highlighted below:

Next, select Use an existing post, then select the port on the list the Printer is connected to. Usually a USB port.

If you have a CD or a download link to download the drivers for the scanner, insert the CD or download it from the manufacturer’s website.

It should also come with a driver CD or link to download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Visit the manufacturer’s website for the drivers of the scanner.

Next, go and install the scanner driver. Click the button Have Disk.

Then browse to the location the driver is saved. Browser the driver’s folder and select it. Then install it. Complete and test the Printer.

Add a Wireless scanner

Some scanners are wireless-enabled and work over wireless connections. If your scanner is connected to the network via wired or Wi-Fi and is turned on, Windows should also find it automatically.

Windows can find all available scanners on a network, such as Bluetooth and wireless scanners or scanners plugged into another device and shared on the network.

Here’s a way to do it manually. 

  1. Select Start  > Settings  > Devices > Printers & scanners or use the following button. 
  2. Select Add a printer or scanner. Wait for it to find nearby scanners, then choose the one you want to use, and select Add device.

If your scanner isn’t on the list, select The Printer I want isn’t listed, and then follow the instructions to add it manually.

You should be able to find a wireless or network printer when you follow the wizard above.

If the wireless scanner hasn’t been added to your home network, try reading the manual that came with the scanner to find help installing it in Windows.

It should also come with a driver CD or link to download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.


This post showed students and new users how to install a scanner in Windows. If you find any error above, please use the form below to report.

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  1. Frustrated Beyond Belief

    Scanner worked just fine and then after Windows 11 installed it stopped working. It will print just from from the same device, but refuses to scan. I have tried different apps and they all say they’re no longer compatible. I have tried uninstalling software and reinstalling. I have tried uninstalling the printer/scanner and reinstalling it. I have followed all the steps here. Everything has failed to work. I will get notifications that the scanner is connected and working properly and that everything tests fine, but when actually trying to scan it says it has failed.

    1. Also Frustrated

      Exactly the same problem with my old reliable Epson Stylus Photo RX600 printer/scanner. I can print just fine off of it in Windows 11, but it refuses to recognize it as a scanner. I have tried many things but cannot get it to work.

  2. Frustrated times 3! Windows 11 removed the Microsoft fax scanner app from windows 10 that functioned very well. Finding and installing an app for my HP4500 has been a big fat 0!At this point I give Windows 11 an “F”!
    Through settings, Bluetooth & devices, printers/scanners my HP4500 comes right up. Prints just fine. However there is no recognition as a scanner.
    looking at other comments, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in Microsoft effort to solve the issue.

  3. Maciej Sowinski

    The same problem with HP Envy 6234 , problem with scaning. Sometimes it does not see the scaner some times it see it but when the SCAN is pressed returns unexpected error

  4. same as above, epson 2710 eco tank.


  5. Teodor Aronsson

    Same problem here with ET-2500, scanner program is no longer working since i upgraaded to W11

  6. Emmanuel Osegboh

    Same here.My MG2500 series printer working.But keeps saying “scanner not connected” since I upgraded to Windows 11.

  7. I have a Samsung express M2070 printer equipped scanner connected to my dell computer. I have recently installed window 11 and I can get print but I can not scanned any document. I have followed all the instruction to install scanner but it does not work. In fact the computer gets frozen when I try to scan. Please help.

  8. No scan on HP all in one

  9. Although mine is working ok as a single page scanner, there appears to be no feature that allows me to save several pages as one document. This was always easy before on Windiws 10 and previous versions. Can somebody tell me HOW to add further pages to the same document file? Its driving me mad thank you

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