How to use Domain Aliases | Parked Domain in cPanel


This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to park or create domain aliases in cPanel.

Student lesson 47 shows you how to park or create domain aliases in cPanel. Domain aliases (previously known as Parked domain) is a feature in cPanel that allows webmasters to easily point a domain to the content of another domain.

For example, you owned and domains. They are separate domains and will require separate content. With Domain Aliases, you can point to so anytime someone types in their web browser, they will be sent to

Some webmasters use domain aliases or packed domains to hold a domain for a time being so they can sell later or redirect traffic to another domain.

Domain aliases are the quickest way to make your website available from another domain.

Before you can park a domain, you must be the original domain owner, registered with a valid domain registrar. You must also point the nameserver to the hosting provider of the domain you’re pointing to.

Creating Domain Aliases in cPanel

To park a domain in cPanel, log on to your account and navigate to the domain section as shown in the image below. Then select Aliases.

cpanel domain aliases

Next, type the domain you wish to pack in the text field and click Add Domain as shown below.

cpanel packed domains

When you add the new domain alias, your next step will be to go to a host of the packed domain and point the nameserver to the destination domain.

As long as the packed domain is active, anyone who types it will be redirected to the domain it’s pointed to.

That’s it! This is how to pack or create domain aliases in cPanel.

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