How to Change your Computer Name in Windows 10

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to change Windows computer names when using Windows 10.

This article can be applied to Windows 7, 8, and 10 and maybe upcoming editions. They all handle this the same way.

If you’re currently using a Windows computer, then it already has a name. When you purchase a new computer, some of the first things you do are to create a username, computer name, and maybe a password before you can log in.

If your computer has a new one that you want to change, the steps below will show you how.

Change Windows PC Name

To quickly change your computer name in Windows, press Windows Logo Key + R on your keyboard.

When you press the shortcut key above, the Windows Run dialog box will appear. In the box, type this command and press the Enter key.

Windows Run Dialog Box

The System Properties dialog box will appear.

On this dialog window, you can change your computer and perform other tasks, such as enabling remote connection to your computer, creating a restore point for your computer, and other tasks.

To change your computer name, click the Change button as shown below.

Change windows 10 computer name

Doing that will bring up yet another dialog box where you will type in the new computer name you want to use.

All you have to do is replace the name in the computer name field with the new name and select OK.

This will save the changes but prompt you to restart the computer for the changes to apply.

Changing Windows PC name

After you restart your computer, your computer will be referenced by the name new, and this is how one changes a Windows PC name.

This tutorial can also be used if you want to change your Windows Workgroup or Domain membership.

That’s it!