How to Turn “Upload highest quality” On or Off in the Threads app

Turn upload highest media quality no or off in Threads

The article provides a guide on how to adjust the “Upload highest quality” setting in Facebook’s Threads app. Users can toggle this setting based on their network conditions and preferences. A fast, reliable network allows for high-quality uploads, preserving photo details. On slower networks, disabling this feature can result in quicker uploads and smaller file sizes. The step-by-step instructions detail how to find and modify this setting within the app.

This article explains how to turn “Upload highest quality” on or off for mobile media in the Threads app.

The Threads app is a messaging app developed by Facebook for users who want to keep in touch with their closest friends and share their status. It allows users to share photos, videos, messages, stories, and more.

When you use Threads, you can switch between private and public accountsmute or unmute peopleturn offensive words and phrases on or offview profiles you follow and your followersturn threads and replies notifications on or offturn following and followers notifications on or offturn notifications from Threads on or offenable or disable Threads posts suggestions on Instagramenable or disable Threads posts suggestions on Facebook, turn all push notifications on or off, and more.

Threads mobile version also allows users to choose whether to upload photos with the highest quality. On slow networks, this may take a while. When off, the media quality will be adjusted based on the network conditions.

Depending on your network conditions and preferences, you may want to turn “Upload the highest quality” on or off in Threads. If you have a strong and fast network connection, turning it on will ensure that your photos are uploaded in the highest quality possible, which can be useful if you want to preserve the details and clarity of your photos.

However, suppose you are on a slow or unreliable network. In that case, turning it off can help you save time and data, as the media quality will be adjusted based on the network conditions, resulting in faster uploads and smaller file sizes.

Turn “Upload highest quality” on or off in Threads

As mentioned above, users can turn a feature on or off in Threads to upload media of the highest quality, preserving details and quality. Users may want to turn this off in a poor network environment to speed up photo upload.

Here’s how to do it.

First, open the Threads app on your device.

Open the Threads app on mobile device

When the app opens, click the “Person” image at the bottom right, then select the Settings Menu at the top.

Switch to private account in Threads

Next, select the Account tile on the Settings page to expand it.

Threads Account tile in Settings

Then, select the “Media quality” tile on the Account settings page to open its settings.

Threads media quality tile

Next, turn “Upload highest quality” on or off under Media quality.

That should do it!


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