Steps to Enable or Disable the “Data Saver” Feature in Messenger



This article provides instructions on how to manage the “Data Saver” feature in the Messenger mobile app, designed to reduce data usage by implementing a click-to-download system for images and videos. It highlights that the feature is beneficial for users with limited data plans or slow internet, but turning it off facilitates higher quality downloads…

This article explains how to turn “Data Saver” on or off in the Messenger app on mobile devices.

The Messenger Desktop app is a standalone messaging app developed by Facebook that allows users to send and receive messages, make audio and video calls, and share files and media with other users without going through a web browser.

When you use the Messenger app on Windows, you can turn auto-start on or offchange your online status, turn message preview on or off, mute or unmute all notificationschange skintone for emojis and hand gesturesturn spell-check and auto-correction on or offturn open Messenger when used in a browser, on or off, and more.

On mobile devices, you can also turn Active status on or offturn on safe website browsingadd or remove people from hidden contactsturn unlock with biometrics on or off, add or remove people from restricted accounts, and more.

When you use the mobile version of Messenger, you can turn “Data Server” on or off, which turns on “click-to-download” for images and videos.

Turning on Data Saver in Messenger can help reduce data usage by turning on click-to-download for images and videos. This can be particularly useful if you’re on a limited data plan or experiencing slow internet speeds.

On the other hand, turning off Data Saver will allow Messenger to download images and videos of higher quality, but it may use more data in the process.

Turn “Data Saver” on or off in Messenger

As described above, users can turn “Data Saver” on or off in the mobile version of Messenger to reduce data usage.

Here’s how to do it.

First, open the Messenger app on your mobile device.

Messenger app on home screen

When the app opens, click Menu on the top left and select the Settings (gear) button on the profile menu.

Next, click the Data Saver to expand it.

Messenger turn on data saver

On the Data Saver settings page, toggle the switch button to the On position to enable it.

To disable it, toggle the switch button to the Off position.

Messenger turn data saver on or off button

That should do it!


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