How to Access Quick Action Center in Windows 10

pc 667863 640
pc 667863 640

This article describes the steps to access notifications and the quick action center in Windows 10.

Windows puts notifications and quick actions in the action center at the bottom right of the taskbar. From this location, you can quickly access systems’ notifications like printer issues, Wi-Fi connection errors, app settings, and more.

This can also be a shortcut to many of the app settings on your Windows 10 computer. The action center can be accessed on the taskbar to the right. Swap to the left and right on touch screen computers to show the action center.

You can access notifications and jump to the settings page, and quickly turn on or off features from there. For example, if you want to disable Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth block to turn it on or off.

Select one to turn the setting on or off or open the app. To jump to a setting page in the Settings app, press and hold (or right-click) one of the settings, then select Go to Settings.

windows 10 action center

The action center shows Airplane mode, Bluetooth, brightness, Night light, network, VPN, Project, Quiet hours, and more.

From the action center, you can quickly go to each feature setting page by simply right-clicking the feature and selecting Go to Settings.

windows 10 action center

To go to the Bluetooth setting page, right-click the Bluetooth from the action center and select Go to Settings, as shown below.


This is how to access Windows 10 action center to view notifications and quickly turn settings on or off. It also lets you quickly jump to the settings page in the Settings app.

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